Please read carefully before continuing with your booking and reply.

– (For General Hire, not events) – Please do not open up the main metal gate all the way as when cars park in front of it, the gate will not be able to close if a car is blocking it when you leave. And you will not be able to locate a driver of the vehicle. So do not open the metal gate all the way open. Just slightly open to enter. For bigger events, open fully.

– Please make sure to TURN OFF ALL SWITCHES (apart from security camera switch)

– Make sure LIGHTS/HEATERS and AMP are switched OFF and doors are locked, and secure when leaving!

– DO NOT PUT NIGHT LATCH ON THE DOOR (As it will accidentally permanently lock everyone out from getting in)

– Make sure you clear up before you leave.

– Ensure you lock up, AND put the padlock on the gate, BEFORE any other bookings can enter with their unique padlock code, after you; otherwise you may be liable if anything happens on their booking.

– Make sure (you) the client named on this booking is the last to leave. You can pass this information to the person you trust to leave in charge if you have circumstances in which you need to leave beforehand.

CLEANING FEE APPLIED to all events and partiesWe expect all clients to leave Dime Studios in a presentable way. It is expected that the clearing of all bottles/ cups / streamers etc inside and outside the venue, as a result of your hire should be done. Dime will otherwise get a cleaning fine of £40 from building management. Because of this, all clients will pay a £40 refundable cleaning fee before the event, returned by means of which received, after the use of hire, and left in a respectable condition.

Please reply ‘READ AND UNDERSTOOD’ to comply with the booking terms listed above.

Thank you in advance Dime Ladies Enjoy.