24 hrs Accessibility

For registered clients at –

D.I.M.E Studios C.I.C

Codes sent within 1hr of time slots



Imex Industrial Estate.

Unit 3A, Western Road,

Winson Green,

B18 7QD



For The Choreographers 

Hi Choreographers and Dancers.

Welcome to D.I.M.E Studios the mirrors are for you and your class/rehearsal.

When you enter the space you have access to the P.A system which is plug and play.

If you are running a class please limit the class to 10-15 ppl, and if your class is growing please separate the time or dates.

We encourage your growth and will work with you as you grow and expand, so do not worry about your budget if you have to separate your growing class, we will work with you in your circumstance.


For the Photographers/Models/Business Products


Photographers, we understand that renting a photography studio can be pricey or outside of your budget vs the income raised.

At D.I.M.E we have created an affordable space for you to photograph your models/products and keep the money you earn vs the price per hour to hire the studio.

We have in-house white and green screens, lights and bulbs at no extra cost.

If you have your own equipment, then the space for photographers is there for you to incubate your business.

Plug your music into the PA system and bring your props, have a great time with clients.



For The Engineer and Artists

Hi Engineers and Recording Artists.

Recording in your home studio is great, but when your ready to grow, it can be tough meeting weekly/monthly rental prices.

D.I.M.E has a home recording studio set up with great essential equipment in our engineering room and vocal recording booth.

Engineers can bring their own laptops/other equipment to own the masters (highly recommended) or use the in-house equipment to get your business off the ground.

We will help you build your network of Artists needing a place to record.

Artists, we know how hard it is to complete a project or demo on a budget, so you can record engineer yourself or, bring in your own engineer, or we will help you source an engineer to your needs.

To book studio time please book at dimestudios.co.uk and click book

Recording purposes-

  • EP
  • Demo
  • Radio Adverts
  • Voice Overs
  • Practice
  • Production




BAND/OTHER REHEARSALS For Bands, Actors, Social/Other Groups


BANDS/Other Groups

D.I.M.E. was built for you.

Sick of being kicked out of rehearsal when you feel like you’ve just warm-up up?

Musicians tend to work late at night, and with 24 hr access there’s no closing time at D.I.M.E.

With a great open plan, laminated floor space and stage area, there is a backline, bass amp, drum kit, mics and leads, we invite all types of groups to use D.I.M.E. for regular and ongoing rehearsals for your upcoming gigs, performance or socialising groups i.e. book clubs, and soon we will be able to record your session to take home that night.